Psychological Horror

A Senior Capstone Project



Hello! My name is Jess, and I’m a senior in high school. Every senior at my school is required to complete a capstone project, which is essentially a month-long project where students research a topic that interests them and present their knowledge in a way that showcases their development as a writer.

When planning my project, I was prompted to write an overview of what I am aiming to accomplish through my capstone. Here is my proposal:

“My overall goal is to improve and diversify my writing skills by combining two of my interests: science and horror movies. I will create a blog which will include three sections: an introductory research paper about human psychology in relationship to horror movies, a compilation of four reviews of psychological horror films, and an essay discussing the evolution of psychological horror movies and where the industry is headed. I am trying to discover why humans are so obsessed with horror, and specifically, why we are obsessed with being scared by the mental, emotional, and psychological status of the characters (psychological horror). I also hope to discover how filmmakers have coveted those aspects that draw humans to psychological horror in their films. Furthermore, I will analyze the evolution of psychological horror, from its birth until today, and use all of my research thus far to predict what is to come in the realm of psychological horror. I expect to produce a really interesting and, even more so, an unnerving blog. The format I have chosen to demonstrate my research and knowledge on this topic (I have picked three unique writing styles/opportunities), will allow me to improve my writing abilities in multiple ways and also experiment with those formats. I hope that the varying writing-styles will make my blog more interesting to its readers. I think that this is a worthy capstone project because it means a lot to me, it is certainly relevant in contemporary society, and I see a long future for psychological horror.”

If you have any comments or questions regarding my project, please leave a comment on one of my posts.


Jess M